wall and wood combination

Wall and Wood Combinations for Family Room – House Design

When wall and wood meet together in a living or family room (Wall and Wood Combination),

it creates a warm yet inviting space.

Both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages as well.

family room design

They definitely act like an accent wall in a family room.

How to achieve that?

Everything is depending on your home style.

family room design


people tend to apply less wood in their houses,

since it make the space smaller even though it creates more homey feeling.

family room design


there are some interior designs that exploit wood

to create a perfect textured look as well as maintain the space illusion.

family room design

Wood Accent – Wall and Wood Combination

If your room is designed with casual or contemporary design,

a wood accent wall will be a perfect focal point inside the room.

Furthermore,the wall is able to add rustic and warmth to the space.

On the contrary, if your family room is designed with more formal design,

wood accent will only make your home worse.

family room design

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family room design

Wood Plan

First thing you have to do before adding wood accent wall to the area is choosing the wood.

If you have excessive budget, just opt for teak wood for the wall accent.

family room design

As you know, teak is expensive but such a great investment for the future.

On the other hand, if your budget is tight,

you can consider other wood types like oak, mahogany, pine and many others.

family room design

As space is hard to come by,

it is important to decorate your home with wooden accent to the wall to make it larger.

family room design

Wood Floor – Wall and Wood Combination

Wood floor is clean and wonderful.

It creates a continuity feeling inside the room.

family room design

In general,

the floor is in medium brown, thus it won’t make your space look smaller.

family room design


you will also need to match the wood floor with wall color.

An appropriate combination of them will make anything looks perfect in your living space.

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