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4 Best Concept, Beautiful Room Divider Ideas for Family Room

Room divider – can be a big help to give distinctive border to your rooms.

There are various styles of room dividers that can be chosen.

Portable to permanent dividers are available on the market and looking for them won’t be difficult at all.

family room design

Regarding the use of dividers,

open concept from several rooms like, family room, dining room and the kitchen has been very common.

It gives airy look, especially if the windows are made in big size.

family room design


some people might think they want to create an open concept with little divider.

That is why getting a room divider can be a best solution.

As mentioned above, there are styles to choose.

family room design


here is the information that will help you deciding,

which one that’s the right one for your family room divider.

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family room design

1. Folding Divider – Room Divider

The first example is folding divider.

This is the most easy to use since it is easy to move and transport.

Room Divider Ideas - Folding Design
Room ideas – Folding Design –
Book Rack Room Divider ideas
Book Rack Divider ideas –

family room design

It is also known as accordion dividers since it does not attach to a particular place.

Materials that are mostly found are glass, paper, fabric, and metal.

fabric room divider ideas
fabric room divider ideas

family room design

2. Hanging Divider Solid – Room Divider

The second one is hanging divider.

It is hung down from the ceiling and made from solid materials, such as light wood, acrylic, and resin.

Hanging room divider ideas
Hanging room divider ideas – wooden materials

family room design


they are attached to the floor, so they won’t sway.

Dividers from these materials are beautiful to have.

family room design

3. Hanging Divider Paper or Fabric

The third divider is the hanging one.

Most of the times, this one is made from paper or fabric.

room divider ideas
room divider ideas

family room design

This is considered the cheapest among the dividers.

The fabric or paper curtain is perfect to have when your budget is not much.

family room design

4. Fixed or Semi-Permanent Divider

The last one is the fixed or semi-permanent divider.

room divider inspiration
divider ideas and full of inspiration

When you are not a renter or someone who frequently move to another place, this divider is a good option.

So, that’s a wrap. Hope it useful.

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